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Now offering Bronze Biologic
Spray Tanning Services! 

Bronze Biologic Spray Tan with CYA & MoistAire
$30; Series of 6 $150 Special intro price $20! Series of 6 $100!
Bronze Biologic premier cosmeceutical tanning solutions are proprietary formulas that use only the finest botanical ingredients available to produce a safe, all natural looking tan. All of our solutions are manufactured in the highest quality facility with a unique process that is exclusive to Bronze Biologic, utilizing beet and cane sugar extracts.
**CYA is fast drying pre-tan prep spray. Cleans skin, removing sweat and oils to allow spray solution to adhere evenly and penetrate better.
**MoistAire is a skin friendly natural “dry” fast absorbing moisturizing oils that works great for pre-tan treatment to help provide a more even, better developing and fading tan.


Important Info Regarding Brazilian Waxing! (I am not a doctor, this is only a suggestion)
This service is very painful. You can get a prescription for Emla numbing cream from your Doctor, just tell them what you want it for.  Generic is fine, just make sure it is 2.5% lidocaine and 2.5% prolicaine, and get the 30 gram tube. Lidocaine by itself doesn’t not work for this service.

You must call me for details on how to apply prior to your waxing!

Vivant Pharmaceuticals products are designed to be used under the supervision of a licensed professional.